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Radiofrequency and Cavitation Training Course

Radiofrequency and Cavitation Training: Class Outline

  1. Introduction to Radiofrequency in Aesthetic Practice
  2. RF Physical and fundamentals
  3. Anatomy and Physiology of the skin
  4. Wound Healing Process
  5. Tissue Interaction
  6. FDA Regulation and approval equipment
  7. Protocols Presentation
  8. Hands on Practice

This course is the first step beginning to get your hands on the application of the radiofrequency in the aesthetic field. The knowledge of the principles of energy and the way of electromagnetic wave can be used in medical devices is a necessary action to understand how can be solved or reduce the aesthetic client's condition, such as aging problems or cellulite disorder. 

Comprehensive charter of the skin structure and specify aspect of physiopathology in the normal agin and the wound healing process is mentioned before the treatment protocol discussion. An overview about the various radiofrequency devices in the marketplace.  A review of the FDA regulatory guidelines for these types of devices is provided.



Main Objectives

  1. Understanding the spectrum of radiofrequency (RF) spectrum
  2. Learn the effect of RF waves on tissue. Emphasis on the aging process and cellulite treatment.
  3. Learn how to recognize and assess various skin conditions and develop procedure protocol.
  4. Identified the appropriate d machine, review various devices in the marketplace and its FDA regulations. 
  5. Radiofrequency safety  

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International Students

International Students

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At Laser Training Center of Florida Medical College we specialized in training and teaching the application of Lasers and others light based technology procedures for the aesthetic practice.

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Short Term Courses

Aesthetic Laser Specialist 

Become a laser hair removal certified professional at Laser Training Center of Florida Medical College in Miami.

The Laser Training Center of Miami is open to enroll health care professionals in shorts terms courses, that will enhance the knowledge and skills in the latest technology about laser and others light based technology in aesthetic treatments. 

This program is a thirty (30) hours of instruction in the use of laser and light-based hair removal or reduction devices. Florida Medical College is licensed by The Commission for Independent of Education in Florida and also is approved by the Electrolysis Council of Florida for Laser Hair Removal 30 hours training certification.
This course is the first step beginning to get your hands on the application of the radiofrequency and cavitation procedure in the aesthetic field.
Radiofrequency Level II.
E-Matrix, Training Course.
This is a complementary short term course to applied a new type of fractional skin resurfacing, also know as sublactive radiofrequency to reduce wrinkles, line expression or others aging sign and scar treatment.
This course is suitable for Nurse, Medical Assistant, Cosmetology, Facial Specialist, Electrologist, PA, MD, or another health practitioner or Professional Aesthetician.


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