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Laser Training Center of Miami

Laser Training Center of Miami is the laser campus of Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School and we are your premier destination for comprehensive laser education and certification. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we are committed to preparing professionals for a successful career in laser treatments within the aesthetic practice. Our facility stands out as an approved laser hair removal training provider in Florida, where proper laser training is beneficial and a requirement for performing lasers in aesthetic practices, medical centers, electrolysis facilities, or other centers.

At the Laser Training Center in Miami, we offer extensive courses covering cosmetic lasers, therapeutic lasers, and laser treatment for skin disorders and diseases. Our curriculum is designed to meet the diverse needs of our participants, offering theoretical knowledge and practical skills through hands-on experiences with human models. Whether you are looking to enhance your expertise in cosmetic lasers or therapeutic lasers or add medical laser treatments for skin diseases or conditions, our courses are designed to meet your career goals.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, our programs are delivered in both English and Spanish, welcoming participants from different states and countries. This bilingual approach ensures that a broader range of aspiring laser professionals can benefit from our expert training without language barriers.

For applicants from Florida, we require an active license as an MD, DO, APRN, or Physician Assistant, underscoring our commitment to high standards and ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared to deliver safe and effective laser treatments.

Join us at the Laser Training Center of Miami to embark on your journey toward becoming a skilled laser professional. With our expert faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a comprehensive curriculum that blends theory with practice, we are here to support you every step of the way in achieving your career aspirations in the dynamic field of laser therapy.

Discover Our Popular Courses

At the Laser Training Center of Miami, we have different laser courses and other procedures available that can be combined with lasers in aesthetic procedures such as radiofrequency and other technologies.

Laser Hair Removal Training Certification

This is a 30-hour training for those who wish to perform laser hair removal and receive training to obtain a professional laser certification. Participants from other countries or states should review the rules of their respective area.

Aesthetic Laser Specialist Training Course

Aesthetic laser is the procedure to reduce the aging effect on the skin and our courses include laser skin rejuvenation, laser skin tightening, laser veins removal and other types of non-ablation laser and combined lasers.


Getting a 17 CEU (credits) to renew Electrolysis License in Florida. This 17 hours course will teach you all the required skills needed when performing and operating a laser dynamic machine with a multi wavelength and higher repetition rate for hair removal.

Therapeutic Laser Training Course

Theses courses include laser therapy for nail fungus, acne treatment, hyperpigmentation and other procedures related with the aging signs. The use of low level laser for pain management is a FDA approved procedure.

Light and other energy Based techniques Training Courses

The use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), the application of infra red light, LED, Plasma, Radiofrequency for body or facial treatment, RF Fractional with an without needles and other techniques use in aesthetic practices.

Laser Nail Fungus Therapy

The use of laser for treating nail fungus is well accepted by the clients because great results have been obtained. This course is suitable for Podiatrists, MD, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, and for Medical Assistant Dermatology working under direct supervision of a Dermatology Board Certified.

Cosmetic Laser Training Diplomado

The Laser Training Center of Miami offers this 80-hour laser training course, which includes 40 hours of face-to-face classes and 40 hours of hands-on with human models. Participants must have an active license or credential as a medical professional of MD, DO, APRN, or PA. This course will be held at Laser Training in Miami and our Universal Laser Center Med Spa internship center. Also included is your access to a platform with educational resources, teaching materials, snacks, and lunches.

Laser Training Center in Miami offers courses in Cosmetic laser treatment

Theses courses include Laser Hair removal , Skin Rejuvenation, veins removal and other

laser training center therapeutic laser courses

Therapeutic laser courses include treatment for pain management, hair loss and other.

laser tratining center offering Laser treatment courses

Include laser courses for treatment of skin disorders and some skin diseases

Laser Training Center of Miami

Laser hair removal for professional training course using laser in motion at Laser Training Center of Miami

Florida States regulation required certification for Laser Hair Removal. MD, DO, NP and PA are suitable for take this certification

Podiatrist treating onychomycosis with a laser

The course of using the laser in the treatment of onychomycosis is carried out as a simple course or as part of the aesthetic laser.

cosmetologist removes the tattoo to the patient using a neodymium laser in a modern clinic. Hardware

In two-day training theory and hands-on, participants will gain knowledge and skills to safely perform laser tattoo removal

Other Technologies included in our Courses

The application of laser treatment in cosmetics often requires complementary treatment, which is why the combination with other technologies or the application of skin care procedures to complete a treatment. The Laser Training Center of Miami offers a cosmetic laser course where participants can integrate combined laser treatments into the comprehensive protocol.

LED light beauty treatment


LED application after a laser skin rejuvenation as combined treatment with other skin care procedures

Microneedle RF lifting procedure. Hardware cosmetology.


Cosmetic procedure that combines traditional microneedling with the application of radiofrequency energy

Beautician showing results of skincare treatment on monitor

Fluid Microdermabrasion

It is a medical-grade hydradermabrasion device that carries out , cleansing, exfoliating, and infusing skin with serum

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