About our Students
Mature student e-learning on laptop in the classroom.

Ours students and graduated have came from different parts of the world and several states form USA. Courses are offering usually in English or Spanish. Participants who require course in Portuguese or Arab can apply and ask for any of theses language. Calls are received only in English and Spanish.

The laser Training Center course if for aesthetic and medical professional with active license or credential in the field they are working or initiate heir career. In the case of the State of Florida the requirement is keep an active license as MD, DO, APRN, Pa and also electrologist, medical assistant and in some course medical esthetician.

The Laser Training Center of Miami offers training courses in laser and light-based aesthetic and therapeutic devices, it also includes other useful technologies in aesthetic practices.

This Laser campus specializes in laser hair removal, non-ablative aesthetic laser, and therapeutic laser certification, including modalities for the treatment of nail fungus, acne, and others. We are offering thercourses with low levl laser therapy for pain management, weight loss control and other techniques such as laser puncture or photobiomodulation, among others.

These courses are aimed at aesthetic professionals or for those health professionals who wish to include laser procedures in their practice to expand their service in the field of aesthetics. For the state of Florida, this course is suitable for those wishing to perform laser hair removal or use a non-ablative procedure with an active license of PA (Physician Assistant), ARNP (Nurse Practitioner), MD (Licensed Physician), DO osteopath) to become a professional with appropriate training under Florida law. The Aesthetic Laser Specialist Program is generally scheduled every month in English and Spanish format. Classes are limited to 6 seats per course.

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