Laser Hair Removal for Professional

Laser Hair Removal is not just for hair

There are some skin disorders dependent on the hair follicle or the pilosebaceous unit that we can treat using some parameters that are used for hair removal. If you are going to use a laser device for hair removal, you can also treat some hair follicle disorders under specific parameters and treatment protocols, but you should make sure of the correct diagnosis and proceed to perform the laser treatment with the precise parameters. 

This course offers you not only the parameters of laser hair removal treatment, but also teaches you the knowledge of endocrine disorders related to abnormal hair growth and those disorders related to hair follicles and pilosebaceous unit that can be treated with laser hair removal device

Laser Hair Removal for Professional

This 40-hour training course includes laser hair removal techniques as a method of permanent hair reduction. In addition, the most relevant disorders of the hair follicle, their characteristics, their diagnosis and the corresponding treatment protocols are included. Participants in this course will be prepared to apply for the National Exam Certification to Become a Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (CLHRP).

Course Content

  • Quick review of the anatomy and histology of the skin.
  • Endocrine disorders related to abnormal hair growth and other disorders of the pilosebaceous unit.
  • Laser and Light-based hair removal physic
  • Laser and light-based tissue interaction
  • Laser and Light-based Safety and Precaution
  • Medical laser and light- based hair removal and hair follicle disorders.
  • Patient Consultation and Treatment Protocols
  • Medical Record
  • Starting Laser and Light- based Hair Removal or Reduction
  • Applied Clinical Training. Laser Hair Removal


Frequently asked questions

The Laser Hair Removal Certification course for professionals has a duration of 40 hours that includes theoretical and practical activities, this course is individual or group of less than five participants. The duration of the course depends on the participants, but the 40 hours established for certification must be completed.
The school can adapt to the schedule of the participants from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 7pm.

This 40-hour course that includes laser hair removal and the treatment of some hair follicle disorders has a total tuition of $ 2,500.00 and includes access to learning material and the certification exam.

If participants are working in Florida, they must have an active MD, ARNP or PA license

Participants from other states of the Union or from other countries must observe the regulation of laser use in their respective areas.

To enroll in this course you can click any button to access the online enrollment form. You can also call 305-417-8316 for more information on this process. The enrollmetn agreement form, photo ID and proof of active license must be submitted to be approved as a participant.

The Laser Training Center is the laser campus of Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School which is a college licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education and approved provider for laser hair removal by the Electrolysis Council of the Board of Medicine in Florida.