Laser Properly Trained for Medical Director

Laser Properly Trained for Medical Director is a requirement under Florida Law. Those Physician working as Supervising Physician of electrologist must have the basic knowledge about the laser and its characteristics, including laser physics, laser tissue interaction and laser safety, to supervised electrologist who perform laser hair removal.

Additionally, the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery recommends that doctors who work or perform lasers have completed a basic laser training program. This program includes all topics Florida Law requires for the use of cosmetic laser, focusing in laser hair removal.

Laser Training Certification

Transform your vision of a medical director and join our master class for the Laser properly trained for Medical Director at Laser Training Center of Miami. Obtain the knowledge of laser techniques along with other important subjects required for a successful performance as a medical director of a laser cosmetic clinic. This course prepares participants to be properly trained to supervise electrologist at any electrolysis facility or Medical Spa. Electrologist must perform laser hair removal under direct supervision and responsibility of a physician properly trained according to the Florida Regulation Acts.

Laser Properly Trained for Medical Director at Laser Training Center of Miami


Florida Law regulates the use of laser hair removal in Florida, and its control is under the Electrolysis Council of Florida. Electrologist are allowed to perform laser and light based hair removal under the RuleB8-56.002, Florida Administrative Code. This rule was revised on March 14, 2019.

Under new regulation Electrologists in Florida can perform laser hair removal only if they graduated from approved program 320 hours combined Epilator, Laser and Light Based Training Program and passed the Board examination. Electrologist graduated from the old program ( 320 hours needle-type epilation training program) must keep with active certification of CME and CCE and they have to stay active their respective license as electrologist.

Moreover about this regulation Electrolysis Council in Florida has established the following statement “The rule currently requires a physician licensed under Chapter 458 or 459 to provide direct supervision of an Electrologist certified to perform laser hair removal or reduction. This rules has been place since the rule’s creation on September 12, 2001”. That means that additional requirements have been established to do laser hair removal in Florida by electrologists and include:

  • Direct supervision with a physician with active licensed and properly trained in laser hair removal.
  • Written Protocols. See Rule 64B8-56.002(4), F.A.C.
  • Use a device approved by FDA and which electrologist have been trained.
  • Working in a licensed Electrolysis Facility. 


Laser Training Center of Miami is a laser campus of Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School (named before Florida Medical College) and accepts registration weekly. At the end of the course participants will be qualified to perform laser hair removal and have an understanding of:

  • Laser Physic and Tissue interaction.
  • Understanding Laser Hair Removal Technique. 
  • Laser Safety.
  • Florida Law Compliances.
  • Written protocol as described (see Laser Protocols).
  • Consultation and Laser Protocols.
  • General Complications
  • Others Procedures used in Aesthetic.
Laser properly Trained for Medical Director a training course at Laser Training Center of Miami

Laser Properly Trained for Medical Director
Training Certification.

Requirements for a Medical Director Overseeing Laser Procedures:

  • Training Mandate: In Florida, a Medical Director must obtain adequate training in laser hair removal techniques to oversee electrologists, as mandated by state legislation.
  • Supervisory Role: Electrologists in Florida who perform laser treatments must be under the direct supervision of the clinic’s licensed physician, per this state’s specific regulatory guidelines.
  • Expertise in Aesthetics: For medical spas, Medical Directors must possess both the knowledge and practical experience in aesthetic medicine to assign responsibilities and manage procedural operations competently.
  • Duties and Accountability: The Medical Director is responsible for maintaining standard operating procedures, supervising the execution of treatment plans, and safeguarding patient confidentiality within the clinic.
  • Regulatory Compliance: There exists diversity in state laws concerning the qualifications for performing laser treatments, ranging from exclusive physician operation to the permissible delegation to nursing staff. But in Florida, only a properly trained physician may supervise the electrologist. 

To fulfill the role of a Medical Director in laser procedures, one must acquire specialized training, demonstrate expertise in aesthetic medicine (particularly within medical spa environments), and conform to the legalities of supervisory and procedural delegation as dictated by state regulations.

About the Medical Director:

  • Role: The Medical Director oversees medical procedures, ensuring proper protocols, treatment plans, and confidentiality in clinics or medical spas.
  • Training: Medical Directors must have experience and training in aesthetic medicine, especially in medical spa settings, to properly delegate tasks and oversee procedures.
  • Responsibilities: They are ultimately responsible for the clinic’s operations, including adherence to state regulations regarding supervision and delegation of laser treatments.
  • Qualifications: In Florida, a Medical Director should be properly trained in laser hair removal to supervise electrologists under state law.

Participants in the Laser Properly Trained for Medical Director training course must complete a combination of classroom and hands-on training to become competent in the management of properly laser, and receive the certification. This basic course for supervising physicians includes the topic of laser safety officers. Additionally, quality assurance through continuing education and regulatory compliance is also necessary to ensure the safe and effective use of lasers in medical settings. Please note that laser technology is constantly developing new technologies.

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