Laser Tattoo Removal Training Course

Laser Tattoo Removal Training in Miami

Laser Tattoo Removal course in Miami at Laser Training Center of Miami

Laser Tattoo Removal Course in Miami

In this two-day training course, participants will gain knowledge and skills to safely perform laser tattoo removal using the proper laser devices and removal techniques. An active license in the healthcare or aesthetic field is required. As the laser is a medical procedure this laser tattoo removal course includes the management of complications and how to prevent them. The training includes identifying the possible colorants used in the tattoo, the types of wavelengths that are required for each color, the selection of laser devices that have an adequate pulse duration, and other characteristics of the laser that are required to obtain satisfactory results, on the tattoo, removal treatment..

About Laser Tattoo Removal Certification

Laser technology has evolved since the 1960s, when the first lasers were created. Anderson and Parrish described the theory of selective photothermolysis in the 1980s, which led to the application of lasers in various areas of aesthetic laser, including tattoo removal. Based on this theory, tattoo pigments could be selected as an exogenous chromophore that can be treated with specific wavelengths, thus facilitating the possibility of tattoo removal.

The development of new laser technologies with short pulses, such as Q-switched lasers and picoseconds, which are devices capable of producing light with very short pulse durations, with a maximum power that is much higher than what can be achieved with an output continuous wave, increases the possibility of treating clients with undesirable tattoos and of various colors.

Laser Tattoo Removal Training Course

This course is open to all healthcare professionals and those who are opening their aesthetic practices and all looking to expand their tattoo removal practice. This course will enhance your knowledge and skills with the latest technology in tattoo removal.

Classes are offered every two months in English and Spanish. Classes are limited to six (6) students per course. Practice hours will be taken at Universal Laser Center Medical Spa.

Participants will receive didactic materials prepared for this course and the information needed to make correct decisions when purchasing a Laser machine.

Laser Tatto Removal Regulation

Although the only regulation for performing lasers in Florida is laser hair removal, and there is no clear regulation on tattoo removal, the use of laser treatment is a medical procedure and furthermore the professional and operator of the laser must be prepared, since complications may arise during and after treatment.

The laser professional must be properly licensed and trained to perform any laser procedure, as it requires knowledge of laser physics, laser interaction, laser safety, and laser protocols, as well as handling complications to perform laser treatments.

For Florida residents applying for the Laser Tattoo Removal certification, an active MD, DO, APRN, PA license is required. A registered nurse with an active electrolysis license may be accepted onto the course by recommendation, of the superviser physician properly trained.

At the end of the course students will be qualified to perform laser tattoo removal and have an understanding of:

  • Be equipped with the ability to work on clients seeking treatment.
  • Be trained to perform Laser Safety.
  • Acquire the knowledge and the necessary skills to perform Laser Tattoo  Removal with Picoseconds and Q-Switch lasers devices.
  • Certificate of Completion as participants is properly trained in the use pf laser for tattoo removal upon completion of the program.
  • Be equipped to understand and discuss the Laser Protocols for Tattoo Removal
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