The Use of Light and other Energy Based Devices

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Radiofrequency and Cavitation

This course includes the use of radiofrequency and cavitation in the aesthetic body treatment, to reduce cellulites and help client with the desirable body contour and treat localized fat and body flaccidity

Radiofrequency in the Aesthetic practice

The uses of latest technologies applying radiofrequency in the skin care such as fractional radiofrequency, radiofrequency with needles and other bipolar radiofrequency are teaching in this course.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy is a laser technology most commonly used in pain management with excellent results. Massage therapist, chiropractors, CCPA, medical assistant and nurse can apply these technologies to help clients with pain.

The use of IPL in the Aesthetic Practice

Intense pulsed light is used not only for treat some dermatology disorders but is used in aesthetic to perform skin rejuvenation procedures and hair removal. Esthetician, electrologist and other professional can use this technologies in their aesthetic practices.

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