Laser Therapy Training Certification

Laser Nail Fungus Training Course

The diagnostic of nail fungus, the types of infections and clinical characteristics are some aspects of the class and also the laser effect and treatment protocols. Participants will work with real nail fungus clients.

Laser Treatment for Hair Follicle Disorders

This courses includes laser hair removal certification and the main disorders of hair follicle. If you want to become a Laser Hair Removal Professional this course is for you.

Laser Veins Removal Training Course

This procedures is for treat the facial spider veins Laser light destroys the dilated facial veins without damage the skin.

Low Level Laser Therapy Photobiomodulation Therapy

Low level laser therapy is known with several names that include among other Cold Laser, Photobiomodulation or PMB Therapy. This type of laser is used for pain management, smoking cessation and other disorders.